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FSBO Guide – Selling on your own – Pro tips on how to get it done

You are selling on your own, we respect that. Here are some pro tips and resources that will help you successfully sell on your own. 

Who are all of these people calling me?

1) Investors
- Offers will likely be significantly below market. Investors fall into 2 groups. People that actually want to buy your house and wholesalers. Wholesalers approach you with a cash offer, put the property under contract, and then assign the property to an end buyer for a fee. Most of the investors calling you are wholesalers.

2) Real estate agents
- There are a lot of different business models out there that vary widely in cost and vary widely in what they can do for you. Highly recommend that you research and interview potential agents closely. Most brokers coach their newly licensed agents to call for sale by owners.
- Phone scripts vary, but if you’ve paid attention, you’ll probably realize that there are only a few different scripts being used. Some agents saying that they have a buyer do, and are doing their jobs well seeking off MLS opportunities for their clients. Most, do not have a buyer.

Popular sites to post listings for sale by owner:

Zillow, KSL,,

Facebook marketing:

At Salt Lake Realty Group this is our favorite method of demand creation. Please feel free to copy what we a doing, with the help of Curaytor, the marketing agency we employ at

Instagram marketing:

A great free method to get the word out there. Please feel free to copy what we are doing @saltlakerealtygroup. Let us know if you’d like a free highlight post for your listing.

Circle mailers
Corefact is my favorite mailer service that specializes in real estate.

All of the phone calls are probably annoying, but my biggest recommendation is to answer your phone. Real estate is a sales business and sales involves talking to people.

We have a ton of awesome resources for you at

Please feel free to reach out for free help any time. No question too small. Please feel free.  

FSBO Backup Plan

If you are open to looking at backup options, we have a for sale by owner backup plan with a proven track record of consistently outpacing the market

FSBO Backup Plan
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