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Top 8 Tips to maximize your home's selling price!

Robert Embley

Founder and Principal Broker. Licensed since 2010. Over 200 homes sold along the Wasatch Front...

Founder and Principal Broker. Licensed since 2010. Over 200 homes sold along the Wasatch Front...

Jan 30 3 minutes read

Top 8 Tips to maximize your home's selling price!

A lot of these are what I call my "lipstick fixes." Do they actually increase value when looking at the sum of parts? On the remodels, yes. On the simple items, not really. What they do is make you house present as a product that is pristine, shows at a 10+, and is 100% move in ready. These tips are simple and cheap. What they do is differentiate your house from the competition. 

A more scientific way to say this is that you need to complete synergistic remodeling to make your house present as a superior product. 

1. Cleaning and decluttering

This one is a bit of a no brainer, but it amazes me how few sellers focus on this free method improving the appeal of their house. 

2. Landscaping

Same thing as cleaning, but this one may cost a couple of extra bucks. Curb appeal matters. People will judge your house on their first impression. 

3. Repairing electrical or plumbing

This has more to do with inspection issues than buyer appeal. Even on older homes, buyers want to know that the house is move in ready if they are going to pay top dollar. They will get a home inspection and they will find out the condition of the guts of the house. 

4. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades 

OK, so this one isn't the cheapest option, but when analyzing return on investment, this is one of the remodel/upgrades that will add to your bottom line. 

5. Replace or shampoo carpets

I highly recommend replacing your carpets before marketing if your carpets are worn. Any wear that is more than slight wear and tear is a drag on your otherwise pristine home. People ask me about carpet allowances all of the time. It is SO much cheaper to replace the carpets and it will make your house have that remodeled appeal. 

6. Paint interior

Another cheap way to make your house feel remodeled. 

7. Repair floors 

I don't usually recommend a sand and refinish on wood floors, but every once in while, this is massively beneficial. 

8. Paint exterior

Curb appeal. Curb appeal. Curb appeal. A couple of cans of paint wont set you back very much. Crisp curb appeal will make your house stand out. 

If you are making repairs to your house before putting it on the market, it is important to complete these repairs as cheaply as possible. I give all of my sellers an 82 point staging and repairs checklist and I personally advise them on repairs to consider that will make you more money. Every house is unique and not every repair or remodel project is a good idea. Approaching this without a plan can be a black hole for your money. The idea is to spend a little bit now to make a lot more when your house sells. 

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